The ultimate guide to purchasing dining tables in Gold Coast

If you are considering buying a dining table for your home, several options are available in the market; however, the question is to buy the right one. The following is the simple buying guide that will help you choose the right dining table for your home in Gold Coast.


Things to keep in mind when purchasing dining tables


  • You will need to consider the size of the dining table you choose. It will depend on the size of the room and the number of people you want to accommodate. A dining table that is too small will make the room look empty. On the other hand, a table that is too large will take up a lot of space. In order to find the right size, you first have to get the room’s dimensions and then add at least 36 inches to the tables to allow enough space for chairs and leg movement.
  • Dining tables come in different shapes. Interesting shapes are round, square, rectangular, and oval. Roundtables are perfect for a small space and create an intimate dining experience. Rectangular tables are ideal for accommodating larger families or hosting dinner parties. Small square tables are great for small gatherings, while oval tables are suitable for elongated spaces.
  • You also need to choose a style for the dining table. Keep in mind that it should be complimenting the decor of your home. You can find various designs that are traditional, modern, and rustic. A conventional table features ornate details and is excellent for classic homes. Modern tables with clean lines are better for minimalistic decor and are perfect for a contemporary home. Rustic tables are made from natural materials and offer a warm and cosy feel that is ideal for a country-style home.
  • You can also find dining tables with additional features, including extendable spaces, storage compartments, and adjustable heights. Extended tables are great for hosting parties, while storage compartments will help you store tableware anywhere, especially if you are short on space in the kitchen. Ergonomic and adjustable heights are perfect for families with children because they can be elevated or lowered depending on the child’s size.

Where to buy dining tables in Gold Coast?


You can find various furniture stores that offer different varieties of dining tables. Most popular stores include Harvey Norman, freedom, and Mart Furniture; however, if you are looking for unique and handmade dining tables on the Gold Coast, you can search the local furniture markets like Mudgareeba Market and the Carrara Markets. However, you will need to go out and see the table and then decide. Choosing quality over cost is always a good idea because a high-quality table can last for decades when cared for properly.


Finding the perfect dining table for your home on the Gold Coast can be a fun experience. Although you will need to visit various furniture stores and check out the local markets, you will definitely find something that will fit into your home. Just make sure you consider the table’s size, shape, material and style before you purchase a new dining table.

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